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Mak European Deli is a 2,200 square-foot gourmet food store that specializes in European foods from countries such as Ex-Yugoslavia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Germany, Poland and more. We pride ourselves in carrying an extensive variety of 1,300 items of imported foods, smoked meat, meat products, cheese, pastries, etc

Our deepest desire is for every client to leave with a lasting and pleasant impression of their visit at Mak Deli

ĆEVAPI or Ćevapčići is a Balkan dish of grilled minced meat. They may be served on a plate or in a flatbread (lepinja or somun), often with chopped onions, kajmak, ajvar

BUREK a baked filled pastries made of a thin flaky doughknown as yufka or phylo.It can be filled with cheese, minced meat, spinach or potato

Mon - Fri     10 - 6
Sat                9 - 5 

Sun              10 - 4         

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