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Welcome to
Euro Deli!

Mak European Deli is a 2,200 square-foot gourmet food store that specializes in European foods from countries such as Ex-Yugoslavia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Germany, Poland and more. We pride ourselves in carrying an extensive variety of 1,300 items of imported foods, smoked meat, meat products, cheese, pastries, etcOur deepest desire is for every client to leave with a lasting and pleasant impression of their visit at Mak Deli


Since 2002






1335 Lawrence Ave East,

Toronto, Ontario M3A1C6


Mon - Fri 10 - 7

Sat 9 - 6

Sun 10 - 5

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Burek is a pastry made out of phyllo dough that has previously been tossed, shaped, and filled. Conservative connoisseurs will tell you that the only real burek is filled with ground beef, but you'll find that there are many variants of this delicious piece of heaven

Burek made in house fresh baked or frozen-- Cheese, Spinach, Beef, potato

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Ćevapi or Cevapcici, if you’ve never heard of it heres the coles notes on what it is. They are
made from two or three types of minced meat (beef, veal, lamb, pork or mixed selection), then
are hand mixed and formed with a funnel, in small kebab style shape ćevapi are then grilled on
the bbq served with Lepina (traditional pitastyle flat bread), Kajmak (cream cheese style spread)
and red or white chopped onion or served on their own with any desired accompanying side dish.
Ćevapi are usually served as 5–10 pieces. We suggest our traditional way of eating it, with your
hands in a fully loaded Lepina, trust us you’ll be glad you did.


Nowadays, this recipe is considered a National dish in many eastern European Countries such
as Bosnia, Romania, Serbia, etc. The Cevapi recipe  is also traditional in several other countries,
like North Macedonia, Croatia, Montenegro, Albania, Kosovo, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Austria, and
North-East Italy.

Mon - Fri

10 am - 7 pm


9 pm - 6 pm


10 pm - 5 am

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