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imported food

European foods from countries such as Ex-Yugoslavia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria,Germany, Poland and more.

1,300 items of imported foods, smoked meat, meat products, cheese, pastries, etc






Deli selections meats:
 Smoked Bacon, Ternderloin, Pork Neck, Pruccuioto, Shinkenspec, Turkey Breast, Porkhogs,
Cvarci (Fried Bacon Chips), Beefloin, and so much more...
 Salami (German, Hungarian, Cajna, Zesty, Genoa, Sopresata, Gavrilovic, smoked beef, segadi)....
 Mortadella, Tyroler, Krakovska, Parizer, Poli, black forest Ham/Turkey, Montreal style Beef
 Headcheese (hot or mild)
 Jelly Pork tounge
 And much more

Deli selection Sausages (spicy or mild)
 Sremska
 Scabai
 Farmers
 Vojvodjanska
 Sudjuk
 Hunter
 Kulen
 Kranjska
 Debrecini
 Chabettes
 Chicken, Veal, beef or pork weiners
 And much more...
Deli selection Cheese

 Hollander Chevre Goat
 Bulgarian Kashkaval
 Smoked Gouda
 Smoked or regular Provolone
 Smoked or regular Swiss emmental
 Goat, Sheep or Cow feta
 Edamer
 Lappi
 Blue cheese
 Trapist
 And so much more...

Specialty meat products:
 Cvarci (deep fried bacon chips, slated or non)
 Smoked tongue
 Smoked Ribs (back, side, riblet cartilage)
 Smoked pork tails, feet, hogs
 Smoked/Roast/Cooked Back Bacon
 Cured Sausage/Bacon
 Smoked lamb
 Blood Sausage (red or white)
 White lard


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The Silver Spoon

European Food

Authentic sweet desserts made from tradition European recipes

Featured Pastries:
 Krempita (custard & filo)
 Baklava (walnut & honey pastry)
 Tulumbe (sweet fried dough & honey)
 Dobos (caramel cake)
 Sampita (egg white soft meringue)
 Apple, walnut or poppyseed Strudels
 15plus more original desserts & sweets  to choose from...
CAKES available for pre-order only (please contact us for selection)
Our bakery section features:
 Housemade Kifle (mini baguette style bread)
 Lepine (pita style flat bread)
 Potato Bread (loaf or sliced)
 Sliced Rye Breads (5 varieties)

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